pharmacy technician interview math test

Pharmacy technician practice test instructions, Each Free practice quiz has twenty questions and should take no more than 25 minutes. In fact, many problems can be solved using more than one technique. Of these answers choices 485 mL is the closest to 480 mL, but that would cause overflow. Talk about your favorite aspect of the job. The desired concentration goes in the middle: You should know your Roman numerals by now: Recall that 1 oz = 30 mL. Lastly, keep in mind that these questions are designed to help you practice for the PTCB or ExCPT exam. The next lowest answer is correct, 465 mL. Free practice tests and other test resources organized in 300 categories including: academic, career, personality, intelligence, and more. Thanks for using these free pharmacy tech practice tests ! Mix 111 mL of the 50% and 889 mL of the 5%. Tell me about your ability to work under pressure? If loading fails, click here to try again. Converting between Ratios andPercentage Strengths 3. First you must figure out how many milligrams of famotidine will be needed: Mix 89 mL of the 50% and 711 mL of the 5%. About Pharmacy Technician Test Assessment. Following under each practice quiz, there's a link to take you to the beginning of the next one. We have offered 5 core examples, all of which can appear on the day of your PTCB exam. Pharmacy Technician Interview Questions. Maths test requiring a minimum 80% pass mark. TRAIN TO BE A PHARMACY TECHNICIAN TODAY. As a pharmacy technician, you will use your math skills daily on the job. So 16 oz = 480 mL. Additionally, they are copyright protected. Additionally, there are. Dosage Calculations; Hospital Pharmacy Math; Compounding Math; Pediatric Math; Math Review for Pharmacy Technicians. If this activity does not load, try refreshing your browser. Also, this page requires javascript. Clinical-based calculations 5. Additionally, there are forum pages where you can ask a question or help other users work through issues. Pharmacy techs provide information to patients. **These pharmacy technician practice tests are not the actual questions you will be asked on the national certification exam. My daughter has an interview next week for a Student Pharmacy Technician vacancy and has been told she must complete a maths test and get at least 70% correct to get through the interview stage. Each bottle has 120 sprays, so each bottle will last for: Setup your proportion with $x$ representing the milligrams of Diphenhydramine HCl that are in the bottle: There are two steps to solve this problem. Hi, Can anyone help? by Michelle Goeking, BM, CPhT A pharm tech in any area of pharmacy practice will encounter some pharmaceutical calculations that will need to be performed. The first step to solving this is to convert the child's weight to kilograms. The most often asked question about pharmacy technician math is how to know which type of math to do for each problem. Please wait while the activity loads. where you can ask a question or help other users work through issues. Calculators are not permitted so there’s a … Use this PTCB Math Quiz to practice your pharmacy math skills. They enter patient data into a computer and provide relevant information to patients about insurance, deductibles and co-pays. Does it not occur to you that the level of maths required of a Band 4 is not the same as that required of a Band 5 or 6? 4 Dierbergs Markets Pharmacy Technician interview questions and 4 interview reviews. Post a Job. The types of calculations will vary, but a solid understanding of algebra will help tremendously. 1. These include math, customer service, situational judgment, pharmaceutical and drug terminology and procedures, and reading comprehension. Since the prescription states 2 sprays per nostril, and people have 2 nostrils, there will be 4 four sprays per day (qd is the abbreviation for daily). So 1¼ teaspoons equals 6.25 mL. They answer phones, perform inventory, and, in a retail environment, they operate a cash register.

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