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Grand Rapids, MI: Baker, 2011. Episode 277/278 – Is God a Moral Monster? Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Paul Copan. This was God’s land. Copan, Paul Is God a Moral Monster? Paul Copan is a Christian theologian, apologist, and an author. Everyday low prices and free delivery on … [1] Richard Dawkins, The God Delusion (New York: Houghton Mifflin, 2006), 31. “Is God A Moral Monster?” By Paul Copan is definitely a must-have for disciplers and apologists considering how often questions come up about OT laws. Often the word monster brings up any stories such as Frankenstein, Dracula, and Beowulf. God had led the people of Israel out of slavery and out of Egypt. PLAY. Gravity. One major point made by Copan is the question of how truly loving or terrible God is. The stories of these monsters have a … ISBN 978-0-8010-7275-8. But as we read, this was for the cities, not the outlying areas. They had to take it, possess it and, at times, conquer it. There have been so many evil acts committed in the name of God that it is difficult to maintain that a belief in God equates to morality. Let’s take the divinely directed slaughter of the Canaanites. But God did. He is livid with evil. By doting on the perpetrators in a grandfatherly fashion? Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more information. It is not theirs.”. Well there it is, I hope you like my review of “Is God A Moral Monster?” by Paul Copan. I will … This was God’s planned punishment of the people of Canaan for their ways, long in the making and in the coming. How did God react to the carnage? This kind of monster cannot be detected visually, but has to be revealed by its monstrous actions. In the novel, Victor essentially recreates life, a task normally attributed to God, without fear of the moral consequences. John Ruskin The Stones Of Venice Analysis, Essay On The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time By Christopher Boone, An Analysis Of 'Roundtable Rival' By Lindsey Stirling). He was not only forming them into a new people and a new nation, but also taking them to a new land that would become known as the Promised Land. They would talk about how they destroyed every man, and then later talk about what they were going to do with their survivors. Three pastors consider street-level objections to God's morality. Throughout the Old Testament Godshows many different sides. That God is a God who is angry with evil, at war with evil. Author Bio Paul Copan (PhD, Marquette University) is the Pledger Family Chair of Philosophy and Ethics at Palm Beach Atlantic University in Florida. Because no matter what you’ve heard, judgment is always God’s last resort. Here’s an overview description: “As you approach a town to attack it, you must first offer its people terms for peace. Lewis, God in the Dock: Essays on Theology and Ethics (Grand Rapids: Wm. Introduction $14.99 paperback.. review by Kevin Williford. If they accept your terms and open the gates to you, then all the people inside will serve you in forced labor. So in terms of warfare, this was not about civilians. Making Sense of The Old Testament God. My last resistance to the idea of God’s wrath was a casualty of the war in the former Yugoslavia, the region from which I come. Is it true that young women were purchased like any other object of property in biblical marriages? For the Greeks and Romans, monsters were prodigies—warnings of impending calamity. This book review will be about Is God a Moral Monster? Learn. This is a critical point. First, this was more than just an invasion or conquest. If the edicts of the OT god are not the edicts of a moral monster, then morality has lost all its meaning. Though I used to complain about the indecency of the idea of God’s wrath, I came to think that I would have to rebel against a God who wasn’t wrathful at the sight of the world’s evil. In those towns that the Lord your God is giving you as a special possession, destroy every living thing. If your morals align with a god that kills anyone that breaks any of his ridiculous laws then he is in fact not a moral monster. : Making Sense of the Old Testament God - Kindle edition by Copan, Paul. The Canaanites had no inherent right to it either. “This will prevent the people of the land from teaching you to imitate their detestable customs in the worship of their gods, which would cause you to sin deeply against the Lord your God.” (Deuteronomy 20:10-18, NLT). Richard Dawkins thinks that Yahweh is a moral monster: “What makes my jaw drop is that people today should base their lives on such an appalling role model as Yahweh — and even worse, that they should bossily try to force the same evil monster (whether fact or fiction) on the rest of us.” God is love, and God loves every person and every creature. One of the important themes of Is God a Moral Monster? A moral monster is a figure who performs monstrous, abnormal actions, and thereby transgresses the rules and borders of society and humanity. Monsters are used to reveal or make reality a situation that is often left ignored. He once thought that wrath and anger were beneath God, but he said he came to realize that his view of God had been too low: “I used to think that wrath was unworthy of God. “But these instructions apply only to distant towns, not to the towns of the nations in the land you will enter. is one of the best theological books I have read. Their wickedness kept increasing and increasing and God kept enduring it. But God did. One of the arguments against the God of the Bible is the kind of God we find in the Bible—specifically, a God who can appear to be a moral monster. Terms in this set (7) thesis 1. monster's body = cultural body-never just a monster - always signifies something else-reflection of fears/anxieties and projection of them There are several places where this is referenced in the Bible. It is the exact opposite of morality; it's arguing why you don't need to use your own moral compass if God tells you not to, even to the point of murder. By refusing to condemn the bloodbath but instead affirming the perpetrators’ basic goodness? In this analysis, I will be writing about the historical context, world view, and psychological context within the story. My last resistance to the idea of God’s wrath was a casualty of the war in the former Yugoslavia, the region from which I come. I would recommend every small group leader or Sunday School teacher at least have access to a copy. [3] Paul Copan, Is God a Moral Monster?Making Sense of the Old Testament God (Grand Rapids: Baker Books, 2011). Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Is God a Moral Monster? Miroslav Volf, Free of Charge: Giving and Forgiving in a Culture Stripped of Grace. Copan is a very successful author who has written and edited over 25 in the following areas: science and religion, theology, apologetics, philosophy of religion. When the Lord your God hands the town over to you, use your swords to kill every man in the town. The cities were military fortifications for soldiers and military officers. This results in them being called hypocritical. The monsters is born as an embodiment of a certain cultural moment, a time, a feeling, and a place. (Before you read on, let me just parenthetically add that this was not a license to rape and pillage. This was God saying: “I’m telling you, this land is now yours. But it wasn’t just to be given to them. B. Eerdmans, 1970), 244. Page 3 that we acknowledge God to be God because anything else would be flying in the face of reality. Flashcards. Neither did the Canaanites. Copan takes the time to explain many of the Old Testament's seemingly inexplicable and tedious laws. Adapted from James Emery White, Christianity for People Who Aren’t Christians (Baker). Copan is clearly preaching to the sorely convinced (despite his desire … This was more about purifying than purging. The medieval mind saw giants and mythical creatures as God’s punishments for the sin of pride. by Walter Elwell. At their worst, their orgiastic worship of idols even included human sacrifice—both of children and adults. In the introduction of this book Copan provides two main goals in which he … It is what some have called the most difficult and bloody part of the Bible; the one that on the surface is the most ethically troubling. The story consists of a hero of the Geats, who comes to the aid of Hrothgar, the king of the Danes, who’s mead hall has been attacked by a monster by the name of Grendel. Copan not only answers God's critics, he also shows how to read both the Old and New Testaments faithfully, seeing an unchanging, righteous, and loving God in both. Another big accomplishment was when he served six years as the president of the Evangelical…, which bore me onwards, like a hurricane...Life and death appeared to me ideal bounds...I should... pour a torrent of light into our dark world" (Shelley 94). God in the Old Testament is not a moral tyrant. So if someone says, “I can’t believe God kicked the Canaanites out and gave away their land.” What do you mean “their”? Four hundred years of restraint and patience. Easily the most common attack on God’s morality is the reality of evil. Comparison of Christianity and Judaism essay What differs is the notion of God: Christianity claims the idea of the trinity of God.Both Christians and Jews believe in the existence of God who was the one to create the universe and everything inside it. Part 2 of Copan’s book asks whether God is a “Gracious Master or Moral Monster.” It is comprised of three chapters: one on whether God’s appetite for praise and sacrifice makes him arro-gant or humble, another on God’s rage and jealousy, and a third on the story of the near-sacrifice of Isaac, asking whether God is a child abuser. Of course, this is by no means the only interpretation of monster stories. Simple semantic sophistry won't even make it past a rudimentary logic or debating course. Beowulf is an old English poem written by an Anglo-Saxon poet. But you may keep for yourselves all the women, children, livestock, and other plunder. Abraham’s obedience is intended to serve as a model for Israel and to inspire Israel’s obedience and solidify their relationship with (“fear of”) God.5” ― Paul Copan, Is God a Moral Monster? Is God a Moral Monster? : Making Sense Of The Old Testament God 1st Edition by Copan, Paul (ISBN: 9780801072758) from Amazon's Book Store. He is also a professor in Palm Beach Atlantic University. Like the “nontracts” from the Freedom from Religion Foundation and the anti-religious pamphlets from Normal Bob Smith and Cyberguy, this pamphlet of superior design can be easily printed from home in color or black-and-white and then distributed throughout your community. A monster will always change because culture changes, our fears and beliefs are always changing (4). The Bible says that God had been tolerating this for more than 400 years. Does God endorse such transactions? It’s a form of rhetoric. Much has been written in recent years on the moral problems with the depiction of God in the Old Testament. So don’t think about this as a simple invasion of one nation into another. And that’s what brings us to one of the bloodiest scenes in the Bible—the slaughter of the Canaanites by the Israelites on the directive of God Himself. ), religious prostitution and sexual cults. And I do mean wickedness. "All that own the being of a God, own that He knows all things beforehand. That brings up the final point to remember in all this—one that is unavoidable. laineykorsan. One of the arguments against the God of the Bible is the kind of God we find in the Bible—specifically, a God who can appear to be a moral monster. by introducing a group called the New Atheists. opens with a discussion on the new atheism in general. If you ever have any feedback that you’d like to share, whether positive or constructive, simply reply to the email. He made it. Case in point? We respect your privacy. You must completely destroy the Hittites, Amorites, Canaanites, Perizzites, Hivites and Jebusites, just as the Lord your God has commanded you. Paul Copan takes on Neo-Atheists' claims of a petty, malicious Old Testament God. Although Atheism has been around for many years this group of new people brings more to the ongoing debate of if God is real or not. Scholars have called the Canaanite cult religion the most sexually depraved of any in the ancient world. Match. Both claims are contrary to reason and evidence, as … Shouldn’t divine love be beyond wrath? Buy Is God a Moral Monster? Or a strong army beating a weaker army, as if strength or desire gives anyone the right to be aggressive. Also, in terms of the ancient language of the day, even destroying everyone in the city was common hyperbole. But that displacement came because of their ferocious, habitual, unrepentant wickedness. In other words, destroying everything meant winning decisively, not literally destroying everything. In so many words, they conclude: The fact that they can only strengthens theism's case. Israel didn’t have an inherent right to the land. 252 pp. So, was that an indiscriminate massacre, an ethnic cleansing along the lines of Hitler and the Jewish Holocaust or Saddam Hussein’s slaughter of the Kurds? Why? Making Sense of the Old Testament God. One of the arguments against the God of the Bible is the kind of God we find in the Bible—specifically, a God who can appear to be a moral monster. But there’s a third point to make here, and it’s about that phrase “destroy every living thing” in the cities. Paul Copan’s Is God a Moral Monster? The narrative is found in the Old Testament book of Deuteronomy. According to this accusation, God is a “moral monster” since He “created” evil—or because He neglects to do anything about evil. But the wickedness reached a point where Scripture talks about how God couldn’t stomach it anymore and He vomited them out of His mouth. There’s imagery of their cult sexual practices of bathing themselves in blood. “You may enjoy the plunder from your enemies that the Lord your God has given you. That’s exactly why God is wrathful against some of them. And that may be what bothers us the most. But why does that bother us so much? Or is there something more here? It wasn’t about literally taking every life, but ensuring that the war was won, the enemy defeated, the task accomplished. Paul Copan, Is God a Moral Monster?Making Sense of the Old Testament God (Grand Rapids: Baker, 2011). Israel had no inherent right to it. Is God a Moral Monster? Is God a Moral Monster? Case in point? They had given themselves over to every kind of sexual depravity, including incest and even bestiality. God is wrathful because God is love.”. When you study the language of the ancient near Eastern cultures, this was very common. Yes, God was displacing them from the land to give it to the people of Israel. According to some estimates, 200,000 people were killed and over 3,000,000 were displaced. The New Atheists also build on what has always been said about Christians such as they have the reputation to be full of themselves and judgmental. Second, this was a divine, God-ordained action. Something that deserves not only universal condemnation, but a complete rejection of the God of the Bible?

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