how to put on a duvet cover

A few tips to help you along the way: Buy a duvet cover with ties inside — or add them. This guy saw me struggling to put on my duvet cover, because I didn't have the 411 on how to do it. And again, the cover is inside out. A duvet cover is basically a slip of cloth that you put on over the duvet. (via Real Simple ) It's sounds a little silly, but the "sushi roll" method is the easiest way to put on a duvet cover. It is also easier to wash because it is lighter and thinner. It should look like a rolled-up cylinder. And the best part, it actually takes under 2 minutes, but we gave you an extra minute in the title in case you’re doing this by yourself–which you can totally do. Lay your duvet cover out evenly on the bed, right side out, with the zipper or button closures open. If the idea of having to put your duvet cover onto your comforter keeps you from ever taking it off, this article is definitely for you. 1. 2. A good duvet cover will have a tie at each of the four corners inside. If you have a pair of sheets, you can easily make a duvet cover. Hope you like the video. Therefore, like any bedding accessory, duvet cover also entails maintenance. 1. 11 Steps. Step 1: Turn the cover inside out Turn the duvet cover inside out. Lay the duvet itself flat on top of the cover. But there's a stress-free method to get a duvet cover onto your comforter that takes less than five minutes. So no rolling here, either. Starting at the bottom roll the comforter and cover up to the top (see the video). Line up the corners as close as you can. Now reverse the cover over the duvet and pull it down along both sides. Step 2: Pick up the duvet Pick up two corners of the duvet comforter with your hands still inside the cover. Turn the cover inside out and put one end of the 2 ties at the top corners through the loops on the duvet and tie a bow. We made a short play-by-play (uncut!) "There are … Start at the head of the bed and roll the duvet into a sausage (or you know, a burritto) up to the foot of the bed. TIP: Get help if you are putting a cover on a king-size duvet. If your duvet cover or insert doesn’t feature these, just make sure the corners are lined up. Step 1 – Spread. I used to have a love/hate relationship with duvet covers-- I loved them for their versatility but LOATHED putting the cover over the actual duvet. It’s inspired by the art of making sushi. You can put the duvet cover on the traditional way if you don’t mind flipping it inside out, or use the rolling method for a quick option. Roll the duvet insert up starting from the top and rolling down, towards the bottom of the duvet cover where the opening is. Putting it on the bed can be tricky so try this foolproof way! Then reach down inside the cover and grab a top corner with each hand. Invert the duvet cover. I’m going to let you in on the most amazing bedding hack today: put a king duvet insert in a queen duvet cover. It's really not that much of pain with this method. For years, I’ve had a queen duvet cover with a queen duvet insert. Supplies. Or just tie the corners of the duvet with the twill. This is to tie the duvet in place — but it also helps when putting the cover on. The only problem now is figuring out how to get the cover on the insert. It was a pain and when I was finished I needed to lie down(! 19. They come in endless varieties of colors and patterns, and because they fold smaller and less bulky than comforters, you can change them seasonally or any time you get bored. Grab a friend or family member to make the process easier. How to Put on a Duvet Cover with Buttons or Ties. Start by taking a duvet cover and turning it inside out, and lay it out on the bed with the open end down near the foot of the bed. Follow along with the video above and refer to the following steps if you need more help. Many duvet inserts and comforters will feature duvet tabs at the corners, and most duvets have corner straps that can be tied onto these tabs. That is until I discovered the trick that allowed me to put a duvet cover onto a duvet in UNDER TWO MINUTES BY MYSELF. If you’ve ever put a duvet cover on a comforter, you’ve probably struggled with cramming it in and making sure the ends all line up. It can feel embarrassing, and a lot of us have done it, especially when we don’t have much experience with getting duvet covers on and off. When you get to the top take each top corner and push it back inside the opening. How to Put on a Duvet Cover! Watch to learn Peter Walsh’s “sausage trick” for easily getting your duvet into its cover! 19 Likes 1 Comment . The comforter will move around inside the duvet cover if it is not secured. Think of it as a pillowcase for your quilt. Step 2 – Roll. ): Hello!In this Instructable I will show you the easy way to put on a duvet cover.I used to lie on the bed wrestling the duvet cover and duvet. Do you know what happens when you don’t turn the duvet cover inside out? My husband and I moved into a new home relatively recently, and I am still trying to determine the design style I wish to achieve. 2. 16 | Insert the Duvet. Here's how to put on a duvet cover without breaking a sweat or pulling out your hair. 2. Plus, you will probably be doing this once a month, so why not try out both methods and find out which is the optimal one for yourself. Duvets and duvet covers can be almost found in every household, hotel and other similar residential objects, but sometimes it is not always easy to use duvets and duvet covers. Then, take the comforter itself, and just spread it out, on top of the cover. How to put on a duvet cover: Setting up a fresh duvet cover is a difficult and time-consuming task, but 5-Minute Crafts will show you 2 step-by-step guides to make this process a bit easier. A duvet cover is a decorative way to protect the duvet and to make it last longer. So there I am, trying to shove the comforter into each corner of the duvet cover and the guy takes pity on me and shows me how to put the duvet cover on. Lay the duvet insert down over the duvet cover- Put the duvet insert flat across the duvet cover. How to Put on a Duvet Cover. )Then I found out about this way of doing it an… Turn your duvet cover inside out and lay it flat on the bed. He lay the comforter on the bed and then turned the duvet cover inside out. You can also use a duvet cover as an inexpensive way to quickly change the décor of your bedroom with the changing seasons or with your changing mood. 1. Instructions. Flip the side of the duvet cover over the side portion you are still holding onto. If you have an expensive feather or down comforter, a duvet cover protects the comforter from wear and tear, and prevents it from becoming soiled. Here I take the blanket that will go into the duvet cover and folded it in half towards the bottom of the bed. How to Put on a Duvet Cover (The EASY Way! However, putting on a duvet cover can be tricky. Truely a life changer! (via Putting it on the bed can be tricky so try this foolproof way! 5. Spread the duvet cover out on your bed so that it lies flat, then lay your duvet insert out over the top of it. Truly, this is the simplest way to put a duvet cover on a duvet — no matter what the size! 4. When you get to the end put the end of the duvet inside the cover. A duvet cover is a fabric casing that covers a comforter. Changing a duvet cover is often a hated household chore, as it's difficult and time-consuming to get the cover and comforter to align. A duvet along with its cover is a long-term investment for every homeowner. Best of all, it protects your duvet from dead skin cells, sweat, saliva, dust, germs and other gunk that gets transferred from you to the duvet. All of the edges and corners were perfectly lined up. Method 1 of 3: Putting the Cover on the Traditional Way. Duvet covers are considered the best sheets that cover and safeguard comforters, however, they also add fun style as well as elegance to your bedroom. Make sure you take the duvet cover off and clean it regularly so it looks nice in your space. 0 Comment Comment. I’ve also seen a few tutorials on how to put a duvet cover on and they all involved rolling it and I just never…grasped that. How to put on a duvet cover: Turn your duvet cover inside out. Steps. OK, now here’s the real trick. How To Put Your Duvet Cover On The Easy Way. How to put on a duvet cover: Setting up a fresh duvet cover is a difficult and time-consuming task, but 5-Minute Crafts will show you 2 step-by-step guides to … How not to put on a duvet cover: climb inside. Embed. Start at the top of the top end, and just roll it over all the way down. In this post, I’ll show you how to put on a duvet cover.This is the easiest way to put on a duvet cover by yourself in minutes. I finally tried it out this past weekend and it really is the easiest way to put on a duvet cover ever! Put a safety pin clipping the top two corners to the duvet cover. You end up spending a lot of time in the cover. To ease your pain, our experts have crafted a few tricks for easy cleaning process: Read the tag to learn how to put on a duvet cover easily and all the specific instructions for washing. I don’t know if it was actually a whole lot quicker than my previous method, but it was a way easier on my body and the duvet lies so much nicer in the cover. Some duvet covers are available with a button enclosure at one end. It doesn’t keep you warm but it does give your bed more colour. 3. Explore › Home. Once completely rolled at the foot of the bed, put your hand in the duvet cover opening, and grab the entire rolled side portion of your duvet and duvet cover. Trying to put on a duvet cover without looking like you’re wrestling an alligator can be hard. If your duvet cover doesn’t have ties, add them! For you to put on the duvet cover all by yourself, we feel the California roll way is the easiest. And, for years, I’ve lamented all the extra fabric that hangs off the sides and the ends of my bed. Duvet covers are a wonderful way to dress up your bedding and bedroom. Ties are used to hold the comforter in place and keep it from moving around during use. Plus it's so easy to swap duvet covers regularly. Keeping it clean will help you to maintain it for years to come. Step 3 – Stuff. If your duvet does not come with loops (mine didn’t), sew a piece of tape across each corner of the duvet. For your duvet cover, we recommend washing it every other time you wash your sheets." If you are struggling with duvet covers or just want to know how to put on a duvet cover, here you will find a complete guide that will guide you step-by-step. Have a look at this Step by Step process to put on a duvet cover. So the folks at Custom Home Staging & Design have given us a quick step-by-step on how to make it go much smoother. My Love For The Versatility Of Duvet Covers. by Jenna Michaud. The secret is to roll the duvet and cover together like a burrito, as it prevents them from bunching. 451 Views. The benefits of duvet covers are bifold: you can wash them easily and regularly as compared to large comforters and you can also swap them out frequently in order to give your bedding a rejuvenating look having new colors and patterns. It can feel like a frustrating, tangled puzzle to put a duvet cover onto a blanket, but it doesn't have to be that hard—we swear.

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