how to attach commercial sink to wall

These are designed to be screwed and unscrewed manually. Use a level to make sure the mounting bolts are level. We use a #10 self tapping screw at each stud 16" to 24" on center, one screw on top and bottom of cabinet. A sink with a counter will be the easiest to work with. Our commercial grade stainless steel sinks and commercial plumbing fixtures exemplify our ongoing commitment to … To find metal studs we use a heavy duty magnet. Many people may try to “band-aid” the problem by recaulking the edges of the sink backing to the wall. Trap Adapters for schedule 40 ABS, PVC, cast iron or steel pipes coming out of the wall to connect to schedule 40 ABS, PVC or cast iron p-traps. Usually, there are three drain pipes attached to every sink underneath which form a T-section and goes through the wall outlet. These typically attach directly to the wall framing with lag bolts. A standard faucet can be installed directly into pre-drilled holes in the sink or counter, but wall mounted faucets have to be installed more or less free hand (more on this in a moment). This means that in the event of a blockage, there will be an easy way to clear the system again. If there is no mounting plate, attach the sink directly to the wall with the mounting hardware. Depending the types of support legs, and the type of sink you have, you will have a few options to attach them. Toenail the blocking to the studs with 3 1/2-inch galvanized common nails or screw it with 3-inch decking screws. Fit the pipes together. Commercial sinks and faucets are made from stainless steel. Once you’ve loosened both nuts, lift the entire P-trap free from the plumbing. Attaching the Legs. Stainless steel is a great material because it’s durable and rust resistant, but a couple simple maintenance techniques can extend the life cycle of any sink or … 3. A plumber will install a moderately priced, wall mount sink for $422, which includes labor and material; or you can buy one for $300 and install it, pocketing a 28 percent savings. Take out the old sink and all of its components all the way back to the outlet. We never use Liquid Nails. As with any heavy object attached to a wall, over time a sink can become loosened from its anchored state on a bathroom wall or under a kitchen cabinet for example. Find Wall-mount bathroom sinks at Lowe's today. If a wall mount stock sink is not the answer, we are experts in custom stainless steel sinks for many applications ~ no project is too small for a custom sink that is "Made in the USA". These adapters are used for p-traps without swivel nuts like cast iron or the more common solvent ABS or PVC p-traps that are completely glued in place. Step 5 : Connect the water supply and drain lines. I have been installing commercial cabinets for ten years. The P-trap is the curved section of pipe at the base of the sink’s plumbing. When you add legs, the sink becomes a console sink, and table sinks are still very popular. Note: Some wall-mount sinks include a trim piece to cover the plumbing lines. Clean the area thoroughly and then put the new basin into the designated place. Then repair the drywall (see How to Repair Drywall).. 1 Position the sink (or its mounting plate if it has one) on the wall and mark the wall through the holes in the plate or sink. The legs can be braced in the bottom of the counter. There are 2 different nuts on the P-trap—one directly underneath the drain and another on the back of the piece near the wall. Caring For Restaurant Sinks and Faucets. I have put up thousands of cabinets and never had any come off the wall. But with a wall mounted faucet, the hardware has to be installed at the very beginning of construction when the wall is still exposed. Shop bathroom sinks and a variety of bathroom products online at That's assuming there's already a plumbing line in the wall so no new pipes are required. Firstly, it is a good idea when connecting the waste pipe into a soil pipe to add an access plug with a removable cover at the other end.

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