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Ṭahmāsp I, (born March 3, 1514, Shāhābād, near Eṣfahān, Safavid Iran—died 1576, Kazvin? The discord in Iran had allowed its enemies, the Uzbek khans in the east and the Ottoman Empire in the west, to seize territory. Tahmasp I (22 February 1514 – 14 May 1576) was an influential Shah of Iran, who enjoyed the longest reign of any member of the Safavid dynasty. [24] Of the latter, Mohammad Khodabanda was regarded as unfit to rule because he was almost blind, and his younger brother, Ismail, had been imprisoned by Tahmasp since 1555. When Husayn was forced to abdicate by the Afghans in 1722, Prince Tahmasp wished to claim the throne. Tahmasp then handed the prince over to the Ottoman ambassador. All structured data from the file and property namespaces is available under the Creative Commons CC0 License; all unstructured text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply. spouse definition: 1. a person's husband or wife: 2. a person's husband or wife: 3. a person’s husband or wife. TAHMASP I, SHAH (1514–1576)Tahmasp I, born on 22 February 1514, was the eldest son of Shah Isma˓il. The luxurious fabrics of his robe and his bolster pillow, with sprigs and cloud motifs in gold, indicate his wealth and privilege. Be on the lookout for your Britannica newsletter to get trusted stories delivered right to your inbox. ), shah of Iran from 1524 whose rule was marked by continuing warfare with the Ottoman Empire and the loss of large amounts of territory. Tahmasp or Tahmasb I (Persian: شاه تهماسب یکم) (February 22, 1514 – May 14, 1576) was an influential Shah of Iran, who enjoyed the longest reign of any member of the Safavid dynasty. It will enhance any encyclopedic page you visit with the magic of the WIKI 2 technology. The Ottomans seized the Safavid capital Tabriz, and captured Baghdad. Tahmasp was the son of Shah Ismail I and Shah-Begi Khanum (known under the title Tajlu Khanum) of the Turcoman Mawsillu tribe. Tahmasp lost patience and ordered a general massacre of the Takkalu tribe. He also captured one of Suleiman's favourites, Sinan Beg. This article was most recently revised and updated by, https://www.britannica.com/biography/Tahmasp-I, Fact Monster - People - Biography of Tahmasp I. 3.43gm, Nadir Shah, the son of a simple fur trader of the Afshar tribe, was a talented warrior who rose high in the military hierarchy of the last Safavid ruler, Tahmasp II. Shah Tahmasp Entertains Abdul Muhammed Khan of the Uzbeks, oil on canvas, iran, 1814-1815.jpg 689 × 400; 54 KB Shah Tahmasp I in the mountains (cropped).jpg 650 × 743; 207 KB Shah Tahmasp I in the mountains.jpg 2,275 × 3,500; 2.8 MB Your name of Tahmasp gives you the desire to understand and to help ... Is the name of Tahmasp helping you? We collect and match historical records that Ancestry users have contributed to their family trees to create each person’s profile. I use WIKI 2 every day and almost forgot how the original Wikipedia looks like. He was the son and successor of Ismail I. Afsharid, Nadir Shah, as viceroy at Mashhad, AH 1142-1148 / AD 1729-1735, gold ashrafi. His fifty-two-year reign was marked by religious consolidation and battles with rival Uzbeks and Ottomans. Tahmasp insisted on the Sunni Humayun converting to Shi'ism before he would help him. [11][12][13] Tahmasp also responded by expressing his friendship to the Emperor. Her name was Sultanum Bekum Mawsillu (Andrew J. Newman, Safavid conversion of Iran from Sunnism to Shiism, "AZERBAIJAN x. Azeri Turkish Literature – Encyclopaedia Iranica", A king's book of kings: the Shah-nameh of Shah Tahmasb, ‘Abu’l Muzaffar ‘Abu’l Fath Sultan Shah Tahmasb bin Shah Ismail al-Safavi al-Husayni al-Musavi, 18. Tahmasp's reign was marked by foreign threats, primarily from the Safavid's arch rival, the Ottomans, and the Uzbeks in the far east. Historical Person Search Search Search Results Results Abul Muzaffar Tahmasp I (Mirza) King Of Persia (1513 - 1576) Try FREE for 14 days Try FREE for 14 days. Ali Beyg, Ruler of the Aq Qoyunlu (= 18), Srpskohrvatski / српскохрватски, Sultanzada Khanum, daughter of Ali Khan Gorji, a, Zahra Baji Khanum, daughter of Prince Ot'ar Shalikashvili of. He was the son of Ismail I and Shah-Begi Khanum (known under the title Tajlu Khanum) of the Turcoman Mawsillu tribe. Discover your core purpose and make it a reality through a Balanced Name. Tahmasp himself was believed to favour Haydar but he prevented his supporters from killing Ismail. Eventually Tahmasp I himself would be attacked by Selim's son Suleiman the Magnificentand had to gave up Baghdad during theOttoman Conquest of Persia. [2][3] One of his most notable successors, the greatest Safavid emperor, Abbas I (also known as Abbas the Great) would fully implement and finalize this policy and the creation of this new layer in Iranian society. However, before demanding a pardon, Khalilullah died unexpectedly without issue, and was succeeded by Farrukh Yassar II. [25], Tahmasp died as a result of poison, although it is unclear whether this was by accident or on purpose. He presided over the most prosperous and peaceful period in the history of the Kingdom of Kakheti. Sultanzada Khanum, daughter of Ali Khan Gorji, a Georgian; 4. It is broadcast live by Sky Uno HD, and a short version recorded broadcast on free digital TV Cielo. Tahmasp is also known for the reception he gave to the fugitive Mughal Emperor Humayun as well as Suleiman the Magnificent's son Bayezid, which is depicted in a painting on the walls of the Safavid palace of Chehel Sotoon. 3, 1513, in the village of Shahabad, near Isfahan; died May 14, 1576, in Qazvin (?). How to File. Spouse: Farda Begum Sultan; Amina Begum; Issue: See below: Dynasty: Safavid dynasty: Father: Suleiman I: Life Early rule. Luarsab I (Georgian: ლუარსაბ I) (c. 1502-1509 – c. 1556-1558), of the Bagrationi dynasty, was a king of the Georgian Kingdom of Kartli from 1527 to 1556 or from 1534 to 1558. Mashhad-i Muqaddas AH 1148, A-2735. Since the Ottoman army possessed overwhelming numerical superiority, Tahmasp avoided pitched battle with them and resorted to alternative tactics. 1514. Facts and Events. Persistent in his resistance against Safavid Persian aggression, he was killed in the Battle of Garisi. Prince Shahzadeh Sultan Murad Mirza (1538 – 5 September 1545) Governor of Kandahar 1545. Tahmasp II Mahmud Hotaki : Born: October 1668: Died: 15 November 1726 (aged 58) Isfahan: Burial: Fatima Masumeh Shrine, Qom. Spouse: Shahpari Begum: Issue: Abbas III Husayn Esmat un-Nisa: House: Safavi: Father: Sultan Husayn: Biography. From the … She was the second daughter of the Safavid king (shah) Tahmasp I (r. 1524 – 1576) and was an influential and bright figure in the Safavid Empire. Very rare. It's where your interests connect you with your people. Tahmasp could only field 7,000 men (of dubious loyalty) and a few cannons. [4] This peace lasted for 30 years, until it was broken in the time of Shah Mohammad Khodabanda. Born 22 Feb 1514 [location unknown] Son. Later in 1547, when the Ottoman threat flared up again, Tahmasp I summoned the kings of Imereti and Kakheti in order to secure tribute and military support from them. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic the Adelaide Hills Visitor Information Centre has temporarily changed its operating hours. Iran's enemies, the Uzbeks, had taken advantage of the civil war to invade the north-eastern province of Khorasan. You must file a separate Form I-130 for each child. They launched four invasions of Iran between 1533 and 1553. Explore genealogy for Tahmasp (Safavi) صفوی‎ born 1514 died 1576 Qazvīn, Iran including research + descendants + more in the free family tree community. Suleiman was eager to negotiate his son's return, but Tahmasp rejected his promises and threats until, in 1561 Suleiman compromised with him. Levan (Georgian: ლევანი) also known as Leon (Georgian: ლეონი) (1503–1574), of the Bagrationi Dynasty, was a king of Kakheti in eastern Georgia from 1518/1520 to 1574. In 1574, Tahmasp also had the 36th Nizari Ismaili Shia Imam Murād MÄ«rzā executed, due to the perceived political threat he posed. Since Ismāʿīl’s time, the tribes had begun to lose faith in the Ṣafavid monarch as spiritual leader; now ʿAbbās appealed for support more as absolute monarch and less as…. Q353091? [8], On 18 February 1529, Charles V, deeply alarmed by the Ottoman progression towards Vienna, again sent a letter from Toledo to king Ismail, who had died in 1524 and had been replaced by Tahmasp I, pleading for a military diversion,[9][10][11] thus continuing the earlier commenced Habsburg-Persian alliance. To install click the Add extension button. Div Sultan emerged victorious but his ally, Chuha Sultan Takkalu, turned against him and urged the shah to get rid of him. [30], Tahmasp was against music and expelled all the musicians from his court.[31]. Haydar was killed and Ismail emerged triumphant as Shah Ismail II.[26]. Our editors will review what you’ve submitted and determine whether to revise the article. Pari Khan Khanum was born as the second daughter of the Safavid king Tahmasp I by his Circassian wife Sultan-Agha Khanum in August 1548 at Ahar. But Selim was an alcoholic and Hürrem's other son, Bayezid, had shown far greater military ability. Access more artwork lots and estimated & realized auction prices on MutualArt. Too young to rule in his own right, Tahmasp came under the control of the Qizilbash. This page was last edited on 6 September 2019, at 18:42. Add another spouse & children.
The Horses in Action event is held in conjunction with the annual Mount Barker District Royal Show each March and features Hacks and Galloways, Andalusians, Side Saddle, Encouragement, Open Led, and Novelties. Maionchi: Camille Cabaltera - felt that Esposito had more potential. Corrections? They can apply for a work permit at the same time. Relations with Safavids. A spouse or common-law partner may be sponsored if they have a valid status as a temporary resident: when they apply, and; when they get their permanent resident status. By this treaty historical Armenia and Georgia were divided equally between the two, the Ottoman Empire obtained most of Iraq, including Baghdad, which gave them access to the Persian Gulf, while the Persians retained their former capital Tabriz and all their other north-western territories in the Caucasus (Dagestan, Azerbaijan) and as they were prior to the wars. When Husayn was forced to abdicate by the Afghans in 1722, Prince Tahmasp wished to claim the throne. He restore Tahmasp sinh ra ở Shah Abad, là con của shah Ismail I và Shah-Begi Khanum. Folio from the Tahmasp Shahnama that was sold in 1977 to the British Rail Pension Fund and then resold at auction in 1996 to the Freer Gallery of Art. He was forced to retreat to Baghdad where the Ottomans abandoned him as an embarrassment. Tahmasp I was an influential Shah of Iran, who enjoyed the longest reign of any member of the Safavid dynasty. Pari Khan Khanum (Persian: پریخان خانم‎‎, also spelled Parikhan Khanum) was a Safavid princess. In 1534, Suleiman invaded Iran with a force numbering 200,000 men and 300 pieces of artillery. [16], Meanwhile, King Francis I of France, enemy of the Habsburgs, and Suleiman the Magnificent were moving forward with a Franco-Ottoman alliance, formalized in 1536, that would counterbalance the Habsburg threat. Seven of Tahmasp's surviving sons were by Georgian or Circassian mothers and two by a Turcoman. The two princes quarrelled and eventually Bayezid rebelled against his father. Sometimes one spouse wants to go to counseling, and the other doesn’t. Common-law spouses do not have the same property rights as married spouses, who are presumed to share the proceeds of all of the assets accumulated over the course of a marriage. Maldives Visa Fees, How Many Black-flanked Rock-wallaby Are Left, Mooer Ge200 Power, Royalties For Audiobooks, Which Of The Following Transactions Would Count In Gdp (check All That Apply), Lamb Over Rice Review Action Bronson, The Servant Leader Book Summary, Bootstrap Contact Form Php, Dominican Energy, Soy Hombre Lyrics, Where Does Dagen Mcdowell Live, P Cap Hat, Animal … He was the son and successor of Ismail I. Tahmasp I - … Spouse: Shahpari Begum: Issue: Abbas III Husayn Esmat un-Nisa: House: Safavi: Father: Sultan Husayn : Tahmasp II (1704? After death of Ismail I, the new shah Tahmasp I was suspicious towards the new shirvanshah.This suspicion had grown when the latter gave asylum to a traitor to the Safavids - Gilan ruler Sultan Muzaffar. In 1555, however, he regularized relations with the Ottoman Empire through the Peace of Amasya. [17], Next, Suleiman tried to exploit the disloyalty of Tahmasp's brother Alqas Mirza, who was governor of the frontier province of Shirvan. Prince Shahzadeh Sultan Ali Mirza (Qazvin, 1559 – Isfahan, 31 January 1642) Governor of Ganja 1570–1577. The Safavids proved formidable against the offenses of the Ottoman sultan Süleyman the Magnificent, however, and exhausted the Ottomans in 1555, leading to the conclusion of the Peace of Amasya. People without status . [9] Gabriel de Luetz was able to give decisive military advice to Suleiman, as when he advised on artillery placement during the Siege of Vān.[9]. Nevertheless, Tahmasp took the precaution of transferring his capital from Tabriz to Qazvin, which was further away from the border.[18]. Tahmasp I (شاه تهماسب یکم) (22 February 1514 – 14 May 1576) was an influential Shah of Iran, who enjoyed the longest reign of any member of the Safavid dynasty. Captured by the Iranians, his life was spared but he was condemned to spend the rest of his life in prison in the fortress of Qahqaha. On 5 July 1527 as Div Sultan arrived for a meeting of the government, Tahmasp shot an arrow at him. [10] A decision was thus taken to attack the Ottoman Empire on both fronts,[14] but Balbi took more than one year to return to the Iranian Empire, and by that time the situation had changed in Safavid Iran, as Iran was forced to make peace with the Ottoman Empire because of an insurrection of the Shaybanid Uzbeks. Shah Tahmasp I, the second ruler of Iran’s Safavid dynasty, is shown kneeling pensively on a carpet under a willow on the banks of a stream, a book at his side. Shortly afterwards, Bayezid was killed by agents sent by his own father. Folio from the Tahmasp Shahnama that was sold in 1977 to the British Rail Pension Fund and then resold at auction in 1996 to the Freer Gallery of Art. Tahmasp I (/tɑːˈmɑːsp/; Persian pronunciation: [tæhˈmɒːseb], Persian: شاه تهماسب یکم‎) (22 February 1514 – 14 May 1576) was an influential Shah of Iran, who enjoyed the longest reign of any member of the Safavid dynasty. He succeeded Shah Isma’il, the founder of the Safavid Empire. World Coins / Item #32332, Safavids: Shah Tahmasp I (AH 930-984) GOLD 1/4 Mithqal (1/4 Ashrafi) Shiraz شیراز mint, AH971 (AH 1563), Album O2593, nice small coin with date/mint Javascript must be enabled for VCoins to work properly. Name: Mohammed Khodabanda : Gender: Male: Birth: 1532: Death: 1595/6: Reference Number? [20], In 1544, the Mughal emperor, Humayun, fled to Tahmasp's court after he had been overthrown by the Pashtun rebel Sher Shah Suri (Sher Khan). Tahmasp - Name Meaning. Nevertheless, one court faction supported Ismail, while another backed Haydar Mirza Safavi, the son of a Georgian. Suleiman's favourite wife, Hürrem Sultan, was eager for her son, Selim, to become the next sultan. Encyclopaedia Britannica's editors oversee subject areas in which they have extensive knowledge, whether from years of experience gained by working on that content or via study for an advanced degree.... …began in the reign of Ṭahmāsp (1524–76) and culminated in the reign of the greatest Ṣafavid shah, ʿAbbās I (ruled 1588–1629). He was blinded and imprisoned by Shah, Prince Shahzadeh Sultan Ahmad Mirza (Qazvin, 1560 – killed, Qazvin, 24 February 1577), Prince Shahzadeh Sultan Zeinal Abedin Mirza (, Gawhar Sultan Begum (died Qazvin 1577, buried in Mashad), married to, Shahr Banu Begum (died 1583, Tabriz, buried in Qazvin Shrine), married to. Tahmasp (tä`mäsp), 1514–76, shah of Persia (1524–76), son and successor of Ismail Ismail, 1486–1524, shah of Persia (1502–24), founder of the Safavid dynasty. [12], About the same time, envoys were also sent to Iran by King Ferdinand, in the person of Pietro da Negro and Simon de Lillis, without success. He had been trained in drawing himself, and had some talent. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic the Adelaide Hills Visitor Information Centre has temporarily changed its operating hours. The frontier thus established ran across the mountains dividing eastern and western Georgia (under native vassal princes), through Armenia, and via the western slopes of the Zagros down to the Persian Gulf. The tenth season of X Factor started on 22 September 2016. Finally, in 1530/1, a quarrel broke out between members of the Takkalu and Shamlu Qizilbash factions and the Shamlus succeeded in killing Chuha Sultan. When it failed to kill him, the shah's supporters finished him off. This scorched earth policy led to the loss of 30,000 Ottoman troops as they made their way through the Zagros mountains and Suleiman decided to abandon his campaign. Sultanum Begum (c. 1516 – 1593) was the Queen consort of Iran from 23 May 1524 to 25 May 1576 as the first wife and chief consort of the second Safavid king Tahmasp I.She was the mother of her husband's successor, Ismail II, and the mother of Mohammad Khodabanda, who reigned from 1578 until his overthrow in 1587. She was strangled to death on 12 February 1578 at Qazvin. He was only 10 years old when he succeeded his father Shah Ismail, the founder of Safavid rule in Iran. [15] From that time, as soon as the Ottomans would launch a European campaign, they would be attacked by the Iranians on their eastern frontier, forcing Suleiman to return speedily to his capital. Shah Tahmasp greets the exiled Humayun] Tahmasp I (3 March, 1514-1576) was an influential Shah of Persia of the Safavid Dynasty.. Tahmasp was born in Shah Abad and came to power at the age of 10, when he succeeded to the throne of Persia in 1524 after the death of Shah Isma'il I.During his childhood he was weak and unable to exert control over his empire.

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