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I am going to be joining USC in the fall and I am assigned to stay in Fluor tower. Fluor Tower is convenient to the Lyon Center and the Cafe 84 food court in King Hall next door. USC DPS Patrol Area refers to the immediate area around the university campuses and off-campus properties where DPS CSOs and PSOs provide 24/7 patrol services for the campus community. Webb and Fluor Tower These buildings are different from the preceding ones in that they have apartment-style housing. I was wondering if I could get a full review of this tower. Less social and isolated from other dorms. mailprb@usc.edu 740-8860. Fluor Tower is a suite style dorm with four double bedrooms (8 total residents) connected to a common living area with a small kitchen and a double bath. 740-1492. Enjoy! USC Surf Team teaching Fluor Tower residents how to surf! North Residential College. Here is my dorm tour for my freshman year at the University of Southern California! Fluor Tower: Fluor rooms are a cross between a suite and an apartment - a small kitchenette in each unit lessens the blow that dining halls are a trek away. 740-3368. In short, USC is a big school and I do believe that it can and does take longer for many students here to “find their tribe” — especially if they don’t fit any of the common archetypes. I live in Fluor Tower, a suite-style freshman dorm here at USC. Parkside Arts & Humanities Residential College; Cale and Irani Residential College. Buildings Served. Basically, the two negative things I've heard about Fluor are : A lot of athletes (To clarify, I'm referring to a lack of diversity within the dorm; not trying to hate on athletes.) A large school like ours allows for greater diversity, too. The four most popular, on-campus freshmen dorms include Parkside, Fluor Tower… Fluor Tower A great place for USC freshmen to live. Birnkrant Residence Hall . Additionally, most sophomores and upperclassmen elect for off-campus housing, such as the USC Village. If you want to live around students from your class, then on-campus housing is the right decision. Fluor Tower . So I've been assigned to Fluor Tower. Fluor Tower Customer Service Center. New Residential College. So sit back, relax, and read on to find out the ultimate rankings of freshman dorms at University of Southern California. Hello Everyone! USC Event Calendar › Fluor Tower (FLT) Fluor Tower (FLT) This 11-story tower provides suite-style accommodations for a largely freshman population and is home to three special-interest programs. – Friendless in Fluor Tower . Please contact Fluor Tower CSC. May 2013 edited June 2013 in University of Southern California. Features many special interest floors and is quite popular with athletes because of its proximity to the Lyon Center Gym. It is one of the few housing options for freshman that not only has a kitchen but also a non-community style bathroom. Pardee Tower Customer Service Center. But otherwise, I really like how it has a living room space. mailevk@usc.edu . EVK Customer Service Center. mailflt@usc.edu . USC Fluor Tower. It has air conditioning and a really cool suite-based living arrangement where four rooms are centered around one living room. anishajag 0 replies 1 threads New Member. Each apartment has four double-occupancy bedrooms, and the 8 residents who live there share a kitchen, living room, and two bathrooms. **Disclaimer: all rankings are opinion-based and numbered relative to #1 in the rankings Webb Tower.

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