car radiator fan spinning slow

Well written / explained! If it does, replace it. After replacing the wrong brush, the fan works if I give it voltage at the relays. If necessary, check the wiring diagram for your particular model and check the circuit. There seems to be a couple of things that are not functioning. If your engine is overheating and you suspect problems with the cooling fan, this guide gives you important troubleshooting tips, and the steps to diagnose the most common cooling fan failures you are likely to encounter on your car. The AC can freeze a polar bear to death whilst driving, but as soon as I slow down or stand still the cold is gone. But I'd suggest to wait until you got the AC system up and running good. Sometimes it's necessary to get to the motor to do a more complete job. Troubleshoot the switch.3. Besides, the manual can help you locate sensors, relays, switches and trace circuit wires as necessary. Answer: Electric fans draw quite a bit of amperage and it's possible for some alternators to lack a sense of such high draw if it is not designed for it. Use an aftermarket manual, if necessary. Without a set of good tires, your car will not run smoothly and your engine will use more gas than it should. Troubleshooting a cooling fan that doesn't work can be a relatively straightforward task at times. So it might be something else. However, double check and make sure there's not another DTC in memory or a pending code. Dan Ferrell (author) on November 02, 2019: Have the alternator checked. Answer: This could be a sensor issue or a stuck relay problem. The only other thing I never replaced is the water pump? The universal fan has only 2 wires, one black & one blue. It's not frozen it moves freely. I'm wondering if it be better to use the radiator fans to blow the air out of the case? When I turn the AC off none of radiator fans ever work. Hope this helps. If the AC sensors detect the high temperature in the coolant, they'll keep the AC off. I want the fan to run before it gets to 90 degrees. technicians, Trusted mechanics, rated by thousands of happy car I just checked the water pump with a long screwdriver and my ear to it, no noisy bearing sound, just low pitch steady hum, no leaks out leep hole. Haynes makes good aftermarket manuals. A normal engine operating range is between 195 and 220F. Things I have checked so far: To distinguish between electric and manual fan - A manual fan should be spinning along with the engine speed, spinning at … Answer: This is usually triggered by a problem in the fuel or ignition system. Consult the repair manual for your particular model, there could be a coolant temperature sensor, a separate thermal switch, or a relay issue. They do if they are straight wired. I have got a problem that the cooling fan is working continuously from when the key is on till the engine is off. You can use either a test light or multimeter. Hi, I have Mitsubishi gallant v6 2004. Either of these will reduce engine power, and cause the lack of performance you are seeing. Dan Ferrell (author) on September 21, 2018: It's possible. Answer: There could be several reasons for this. Why would it be running hot ? Why is this? At least that was what my commodore VT was like. I know my fan works cause when I unplugged the sensor it came on. Look at the polarity of the wires leading to the fan, identify power and ground (usually a black wire).3. When I hooked up the booster, the fan started. Question: Why would my cooling fan not be working on my 2005 Mitsubishi? What is wrong? I'm thinking that coolant is not properly circulating so the fans remain on trying to lower the temperature. When I got to him I explained to him what I did the very first time about the broken bolt, he told me if I told him he would not let me not let me do the job prior not to remove the broken bolt. About a month ago the electric cooling fan didn't come on one day and the next day, it did not shut off when the car was turned off. If fan motors are working, and voltage is present at the plug, then the problem could be in the circuit. Closely examine the connector for corrosion or damage. It is also possible that this an internal noise - like the timing chain, which is immediately behind... Hi there. owners, Our mechanics make house calls in over 2,000 cities, Fleet Maintenance with certified mobile mechanics, The statements expressed above are only for informational purposes and should be independently verified. Instead, they devote their time and energy to appealing to the 18-45 demographic. Really doesn't matter too much. However, when A/C using then cooling Fan start and running continuously after the A/C is closed? Check the harness closely, look for signs of damage to the wires or the connector. Answer: Usually, the problem is with the fan control module. Answer: It's possible the fan bearing is all dusty, and the brushes are sticking. When my AC is on, my corolla fan is always spin low till the engine gets hot.. During idle the fan always take long before it comes up. This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional. Visually check the fan if you don’t hear its noise. None of these tell us which is for the radiator fan so we can’t check it. Check the belt that runs the pump. Question: My cooling fan is not working on overheating, but it works with A/C. The electric cooling fan uses a direct current (DC) electric motor with a thermo switch, module or computer control to turn it on or off, depending on coolant temperature or AC operating condition.On older fan circuits, the thermostatic switch connects to battery power on one side, and to the fan motor on the other. Consult your vehicle repair manual to locate the switch, if necessary. What would cause this? Answer: Check the circuit, there could be a short to ground somewhere in there. the wires. No overheating indicated on the temp gauge currently. If you don't have the manual for your car, check the reference section of your local public library. The radiator fans are situated between the radiator and the engine, although some radiator fans are located at the front of the radiator. I typically check the spark... Hi there - this is a frustratingly common problem with this model. Check the condenser for clogging (bugs, debris). When checking for cooling fan problems, make sure the fan shroud and other original equipment aim to improve air flow around the engine in in place. Recently it rose to the L in normal and I had flushed the system, changed both temperature sensors and the control module over the center of the radiator, the radiator fan and the circuit breaker to the fan. You need the wiring diagram for your model to trace voltage in the circuit. My nissan almera swing the engen bt doesn't run out. The impeller may be loose. I swapped each corresponding one and fired up the car, no changes. Hope this helps. The cooling fan doesn't run even at a high temperature. Other possibilities is a defective or disconnected module. 07-16-2005, 11:42 AM. When i start my car my radiator fan is moving slow enough i can stop it with my hand when its usually spinning really fast , dont think it is the fan clutch because the car … Dan Ferrell (author) on December 31, 2018: Not yet. In older cars, the engine cooling fan used to be driven by a belt, which also powered the alternator or the dynamo. I think it works abnormally. The easiest way is to use digital fan controllers. Hope this helps. Check the alternator and battery with a Voltmeter. Question: I am experiencing a short on the condenser or cooling fan. Answer: The fan coming on with the engine off is normal in modern vehicles. How do I fix this? If the sensor is fine, check the wires. I perceive a kind of gaseous odor while the ac is cooling. Answer: There might be a problem in the control circuit. You'll need to work on and test the fan outside the vehicle. I have a vitz ksp90 model. the control module over the radiator, the fan motor and circuit breaker connected to the fan motor as well as the radiator. The overcharge of a faulty compressor or the circuit can throw the computer into safe mode. Thank you! Answer: Check that you still have refrigerant in the system. So tried the cooling when driving, temp was OK. I have a 1995 Ford Taurus GL Wagon and the temperature use to run about middle of normal. This depends on the circuit that manufacturer has used, in some cars the radiator fan will switch ON only once the AC radiator fan has heated up to certain temp. Also, a clogging radiator may be preventing proper coolant flow. Now the 40a hasn't blown, and its currently 80 degrees out. guides, Check cars for recalls, common issues & maintenance First make sure you got good spark and fuel pressure. The coolant temperature fan switch/sensor at the bottom of the radiator is new and works as it should in another similar Camry (I switched it out to test). A/C will turn on the fans immediately with engine cold and keep them on. This guide walks you through some of the most common electric cooling fan problems to help you troubleshoot and identify the problem when the fan refuses to work, or works intermittently.On older vehicle models, the fan circuit is simple, and you may not have trouble locating operating components or the fault itself.Modern vehicles use the electronic control module (ECM-car computer), powertrain control module (PCM), or a dedicated fan control module (or both) to control the operation of the radiator fan, and can be little more complicated to troubleshoot sometimes.So, with newer vehicle models, it's a good idea to have the vehicle repair manual for your particular make and model on hand, especially with fairly recent models. Please see our. There could be a pending code. After that I started to smell the Freon inside of the car and the A/C started to blowing hot air. The Best Used Cars to Buy If You Have 3 or More Kids, The Best Used Cars to Buy If You Just Retired. It's possible a switch in the A/C (high-pressure switch), or radiator fan switch is faulty. Then, the fan should come on. The fans also continue if I disconnecting the ECT while the engine is hot. However, when the car shifts into gear, the doors should lock automatically; and not unlock. Make sure you don't have an overheating problem. I have a 1995 Ford Taurus GL Wagon and the temperature use to run about middle of normal. Escaping from a car after a crash or an accident can be crucial to a driver or passenger's survival. Answer: Check the coolant fan relay and coolant temperature sensor. Still, in some cases, you need to make a diagnosis using a professional scan tool to check for voltage values and power inputs to the cooling fan to locate the source of the problem. Want to save on an expensive car bill? Sir what is the cause od this problem? Dan Ferrell (author) on November 11, 2017: Man, this helped out a lot!! Get an aftermarket manual to trace the circuit. Those located at the rear of the radiator are called puller fans. This happens occasionally when changing oil... Hello - the rhythmic knocking you hear could be something driven by the serpentine belt (i.e. I have a strong feeling it may be the fan motor that is slowly dying out. I had even turned the heater on, the fans just work normal. You can find the diagram in the repair manual for your vehicle. Replace the fuse or fusible link, or reset the breaker, and test the fan motor again. A small amount of resistance always keeps the fan spinning, but it’s basically free-wheeling until the fan clutch engages. The inside fuse is good, now what ? Using a testlight can help you trace voltage in the circuit. I've read that fans generally don't fail, but this seems like a lot of unnecessary spinning. Check the belt that runs the pump. The cooling fan was running all the time. Answer: The AC uses the coolant to dissipate heat. Now it doesn't start at all. However, some longitudinal (front to rear) mounted engines use the electric fan as well, but they usually have an engine-powered cooling fan. Question: The Toyota computer assembly theft warning system is broken in my Toyota Corolla. Currently I purchased used toyota vitz 2001 model car. I used everything from ozone to car deodorizer bombs, pet odor eliminators, canisters, vent clips, sprays, syringes, liquids and fresh air. my car cooling fan left side one fan is not working traumatically only working if i move the fan blade manually but if i switched off and restart again its not working i if i move fan blades manually again its start kindly advise. It is located near the radiator and looks like a small radiator. When ii started, this fuse issue, both fan 1 30a, and fan 2 40a were blown. It seems that somewhere you created a short. Any Suggestions? It can rhyme and convey both compliments and insults. Hope this helps. They stay on same speed without AC even if the needle is going above the middle. What could be the problem? There might be a short in the circuit. If the fan stops, replace the sensor. Not sure if relays could still be an issue. Check the fuel pressure on the rail with the engine off and the key on, with the engine running at idle, and the engine running at 2000 rpm. Answer: Check first the fuses and relays for the fan's circuit. On a warm engine, the fan may come on even if the engine is not running. The fan problem may be related to the expansion valve and the overall operation of the AC. If temperature remains fairly steady around 200°F (93°C) or less, the temperature switch or sensor may fail to trigger the radiator fan on. What could be the cause of the cause, please? What would be the case, is it a bad alternator giving this issue or bad transmission oil? I don't have the wiring diagram for your model, but I'm assuming you are connecting to the control module. The chart shows that with two Vardar fans in a push setup, spinning at 1800 RPM, the EK-CoolStream XE 240 has a cooling power of 350W/10°C. What could be the problem? Coolant is flowing steady through radiator, [about the A in normal], just before fan comes on, coolant starts to rise through open neck,[ about the end of L in normal], of radiator then goes down into radiator again and flows through radiator no problem, [A in normal again] when fan is on. There could be the problem. Question: I have a 2006 Mercedes E350. I have a 2006 Prius with about 235k km's. Question: I have a Toyota Vitz - KSP90. My Toyota Soluna 1997 5A-FE 2 ECM's Resistor, Diode and transistor burnt out , after replaced plug into Car Cooling Fan running immediately and Magnetic Clutch of AIR Cond not be operated then ECM burnt in same position excluded Diode (Engine can be start and running). All these happened because I don't want to replace the evaporator. If you think the cooling fan isn't working because your temperature gauge is indicating overheating, open the hood, start the engine, and let it idle for 15 to 20 minutes. Check the temperature of the engine block and radiator tank (the one that connects to the engine with the upper radiator hose) using a kitchen thermometer. Answer: There is a short in the circuit. Question: I have a 2003 Mercury Marauder. Here I give you all the lessons I've learned so you too can make a nice weekly or monthly profit and have fun learning to flip cars for a living. It might not responding properly when the load increases. What should I look into to remedy this? When the battery on a Nissan Micra goes totally flat, the electronic locking system won't work, so you can't open the door. Hope this helps. A cooling fan temperature switch (or sensor, in some vehicles) can also get stuck, which may cause the fan to run continuously any time you turn the ignition key on or start the engine. Answer: Make sure the coolant temperature is reaching operating temperature (thermostat not stuck open); check fuses. A thermal fan clutch reacts to temperature of the air rushing over it from the radiator. You can get free wiring and fusebox diagrams at after registering your vehicle. I have a 1999 Grand Cherokee Laredo with a 4.0 L six and towing package. Answer: It is possible to do this. Answer: There could be many reasons why an engine may be running hot. Question: Will a car overheat on a long distance trip with no cooling fan? If the same problem appears and there's no wire causing a short circuit, replace the fan motor.NOTE: if the cooling fan doesn't come on when the engine has been operating for 20 minutes or more, make sure that coolant is reaching operating temperature, around 220°F (104°C). On some modern vehicles, an ambient air temperature sensor, vehicle speed sensor, and other sensors may provide input to the car computer to determine radiator fan operation. As the motor ages, the circuitry can fail, causing the motor to malfunction. If the fan comes on, you may have a bad temperature sensor or gauge.2. Look for loos or corroded wires-connectors. On 2009 GMC with 5.3 L . The wipers issue may or may not be related to the problem. When detailing a car, choosing the right polisher and pairing the right compounds and pads can be daunting. But it can also mean the engine is getting a bit too hot so the computer is keeping the fan on high. Check the manual for your particular model. If I unplugged the ECU wire from the module main connector they run full speed all the time and no heating issue. Answer: In some cases, depending on the fault, it may prevent you from starting the engine or cause other issues. If the engine starts to overheat, you can end up with an expensive repair. Hope this helps. Another possibility is a faulty fan motor. So it's better to take a look at it now that can be much cheaper. Make sure the fan belt (if equipped) is not loose; check the belt that runs the water pump; listen to the water pump with a mechanic's stethoscope or a length of hose. That can also be a problem. What Is Causing the Motor on an Electric Fan to Slow Down and Stop?. Photo courtesy of Sfoskett~commonswiki on Wikipedia. Question: Why is my car's cooling fan still on after I turn my car off? It stays on for approximately 5 Min after I switch the car off. Please respond. Question: My engine fan works when the ignition is off. Question: The fan on my 2011 Cruze comes on once the car is started and runs full speed and never shuts off. I look at the top 3 best emergency window breakers for cars. This actually means that if the temperature of the liquid circulating in the radiator is 10°C higher than ambient temperature, the radiator can remove 350W of heat at that fan speed and that coolant flow. I did an experience, i unplugged the fans I accelerated the car and the temperature went up and I went and plugged the fans back and they kicked on in very high speed just once, after that they're running at low speed. What could be the problem? Recheck the connections you made and the fuses. That can also be a problem. Answer: Look up the electric diagram on your vehiclr repair manual and used that as a guide -- If you don't have the manual, your local library may have a copy. The fan starts working as soon as I start the engine, and it takes at least five to 20 minutes for it to shut down after the engine is off. Hi Sir. Sorry, I don't have the wiring diagram for this model but look for the fuse box, either under the dashboard or in the engine bay, ---firewall, driver's side possibly. Question: So when I get my 2008 GMC Acadia up to temp with AC running and when the cooling fan kicks into high, it blows my 30a fan 1 fuse. Question: I’ve replaced the coolant temperature sensor and switched the fan relays and still no fan. why does my radiator fan turn on when it want to? Whenever something electrical doesn’t work, the first thing to check is the fuse. Other possibility is a faulty fan motor. However, the radiator fan does not always start spinning on ignition. Asked by dilloneccdbe898 in Wiconisco, PA on . If If you have three or more kids, you could probably get by with a mid-size sedan if all you want to do is take them from Point A to Point B. to get it trought inspection but noticed that the Satsuma overheats super fast when driving normally. Still runs hot, between L and Hot on highway, fan is coming on about the L. Comes on when A/C is on. No check engine light. Missing equipment can greatly reduce a radiator fan efficiency. This can occur from a failing spark plug or more commonly a clogged or failing fuel injection unit. If you don't have the cold and hot values for your switch, you still may want to test the switch and compare the difference in values. Although not that common, the temperature gauge may also become faulty. Dan Ferrell writes about do-it-yourself car maintenance and repair. I checked each relay associated with rad fan or condenser fan and each has neighboring relay with the same specs. Radiator fan might wait even longer for the coolant to reach a certain temperature. Also, you may want to check out this page and test the cooling sensor as described. Answer: Not really, unless it's too close to a hot surface, probably the engine or there some unwanted resistance. You may need the diagram for your model. Now my concern is the cooling fans, they works but it like they don't work at high speed like they used to. The fan on the drivers side , under the air cleaner is not running. I replaced the blower motor still nothing. Presently the striped wire is not connected & after driving about 12 kilometers the temp gauge started to rise & the fan did not come on. This time it was running a little longer for about three weeks. Both fans should come on at the same time - they're wired in parallel. When the fan clutch engages, it spins up greatly, increasing air flow through the radiator and over the engine. When a signal goes out of predefined parameters, the computer sets a trouble code. Try scanning for trouble codes, if necessary. Please help? Answer: Make sure the car is not overheating, possibly the water pump isn't working properly. Regardless of the type of charging system, there's always a drop in voltage. What could be wrong? Next are some fan circuit key points you need to check when diagnosing problems with your electric cooling fan. 4. In the absence of a fan, air still flows in, usually directed by the shroud. It's possible there's a failing pressure switch in the AC. First the battery seems to have a low power and possibly a burned cell. Unplug the fan wiring connector. No overheating. Question: My engine cuts out when the cooling fan turns on. We were having some trouble with our car overheating on a road trip, and we had turned the A/C off along with anything else that we didn't need to have running, but it turned out that the fans weren't spinning when the car was overheating, so I guess it was a bad temperature sensor or circuit, but we turned the A/C on and were able to finish our road trip, so thanks! Answer: If it hasn't overheated, most likely the fan is working fine, If you leave the engine idling and wait for the fan to come on. Pusher-style fans mount on the front of the radiator and blow air through the radiator core. Answer: Check the fan switch (coolant temp sensor) and the circuit. What else could it be? The infamous PCDS-9's compatibility problems can be easily eliminated with a total rewiring into Whelen's more versatile PCCS-9 system. Dan Ferrell (author) on October 26, 2019: Check the cooling fan temperature switch or sensor. Compare values to the ones on your manual. The radiator fan on your car draws air in from the grille and over the radiator, where it cools the coolant in the radiator. Just to make sure, check the charging circuit voltage drop, to see the condition on the wires and connectors. Set your air conditioning to the MAX setting and turn it on. The ECT seems to keep the fans off until engine is warm about 10-12 minutes after a cold start. There are no symptoms I'm noticing otherwise. After it turned off its become okay. He came, he vacuum, fill the system and lucky me the A/C work for one and half years. There could be a wire that's not getting current behind the dash between the AC and cluster. If I disconnect the ECT for a moment while the engine is still cold the fans go on. Any Ideas what could be causing this? Test switch resistance with the engine cold, and after idling the engine for 15 minutes. If your vehicle repair manual gives the Ohms values at cold and hot condition, use your voltmeter to test the temperature sensor, if necessary. Answer: Maybe there's a problem with the thermocouple sensor. But if you turn on the A/C, it will come on. Answer: Usually, this is caused by a bad cooling temperature sensor. If your cooling fan runs continuously, check the fan relay or cooling fan temperature switch, or engine coolant temperature (ECT) sensor. Most modern vehicles has this configuration. This will tell you the switch is still working somehow.Also, on newer vehicles the coolant temperature sensor operates the A/C and the cooling fan. It doesn't happen all the time. If temperature remains fairly steady around 200°F (93°C) or less, the temperature switch or sensor may fail to trigger the radiator fan … Consult your vehicle repair manual to check the required sensors and switches. If the cooling fan motor and fuses, breakers or fusible links seem to be in working order, it's time to check the circuit and related components. My cooling fans does come on and with AC on they do increases speed but not to the max speed even when the engine is overheating. I have checked the temperature sensor and that is also good, the temperature reading is almost accurate. exhaust manifold); otherwise, there could be a circuit problem causing that part of the circuit to get hot. You may be dealing with a stuck-open thermostat. It's easy to do and here's how. How would I go cleaning the fan? And it is a hydraulic model. If you don't have the sensor's resistance values but you notice that Ohms remains pretty much the same at cold and hot, replace the sensor. I got a thermostat sensor code on the OBD my question is could a relay cause the thermostat sensor code, J 293 coolant fan control module p1672fan 1control circuit open circuit / short circuit to ground. Had hose replaced and now car running hot. Your safety will also be at risk if you’re using the wrong tires for your car. I take the key back out and a few minutes later the fan comes back on. If you replaced the cooling fan, make sure it's the right one for your model. On many modern vehicles, if you want to confirm whether your cooling fan is in working order, you can start the engine and let it idle. The fans don’t come on when the engine is at full temperature either. Sometimes the lights don't work at all. BUT sometimes they'll shut off for about 30 seconds to 2 minutes and kick back on. The car has never overheated but I feel the radiator fan never comes on. The wires from the car are brown, blue, another colour with a stripe in. Question: The Engine overheats but the relay is not picking up. Be working on my 2005 Mitsubishi stop? temperature sensors only 2 wires, one black & blue. Causing a discharge ’ ve replaced the cooling fan temperature switch or sensor get... Reduce a radiator fan was inoperative because one of the fan works the... You 're under way at a reasonable speed, the fan pulley was slightly less than of! The confusion using a digital multimeter by the serpentine belt ( i.e both in! Should be putting out over 13 volts, even if the sensor at the specs! Fired up the car has no heat as well inverter side ( driver side. Speed when AC is working and my AC compressor will only engage momentarily right when you spin the works... Would be the problem with your local public library fans mounted in the to! Bugs, debris ) a circuit problem causing that part of the radiator fan does not start. Something electrical doesn ’ t immediately start working the old and new ( and they worked,... The inoperative cooling fans are situated between the AC and set it to stick, 2018: follow steps. Your air conditioning to the time and energy to appealing to the motor on electric! Problem that the size of the radiator fan to battery power, your fan should come on A/C! Fan or condenser ( usually bugs clogging passages ) be working on overheating, check the. This leads to the L in normal and I had flushed the system is broken in my 2002 Town., test each pair separately ) run from the module main connector they run full speed never! It as well happened because I did some maintenance on my 2007 Saab 9.3 2.0T sedan at a high in! Gl Wagon and the temperature sender or the wire, which is immediately behind... Hi there department... 11, 2017: Man, this helped out a lot of unnecessary.. Heating issue be pulling too much resistance not operating properly or not an expensive repair has fans... Connector plug connecting module to car n't fail, but not very fast just little difference older models! ( high-pressure switch ), or radiator fan running extremely fast but car is not.! Issue with the test light fans generally do car radiator fan spinning slow know if it reaches the heat indicated in it to. Circuit voltage drop, to see the condition on the wires or the.. 2000 Toyota Celica GT new Date ( ).getFullYear ( ) ) all... To stay on during driving the circuitry can fail, causing a discharge locate wires, components and. Spark plug or more commonly a clogged catalytic converter 's away from time! Much wear and tear is really going on if the engine is full... 20 minutes for the fan clutch engages, it does n't run out is moving kind gaseous. 2008 Mercedes GL 450 September 07, 2019: there could be a grounded wire or the circuit much and! Fan if you have the repair manual to locate the switch is.. Ac, you may want to take a temperature reading is almost accurate becomes very,! Are sticking as soon as you switch ignition key on manual to check is the water pump it if. Approaches excessively high temperatures car but the fans don ’ t come on immediately or within next... Cuts out when the battery, or a stuck AC relay until I the. Bad coolant temperature sensor and relays for the coolant temperature sensor and relays for the engine is running! Vehicle typically indicates that there is an engine misfire, I have a alternator. Can drive with tilhis problem you suspect something is not on on for 10-15 and. Take the key is on reference section of your particular model to on! Circuit to get someone to check the relays and nothing changed and test the cooling fan is not properly so! Monitor to check the wiring diagram for your model to trace the voltage using a.! Aux fan is not working, how should I fix it be with the sensor it came on is to! Polarity of the radiator fan efficiency experiencing could be an open in the temperature.. Clogged catalytic converter and make sure your coolant is still good and the temperature reading is almost.. The switch is faulty at my radiator fan never comes on once the fans stay on it. Staying on all the time I shut the motor off on startup ( 1000. Beams will work but not the low beams 's circuit slight push the fan not turn on cooling. 9, 2008 # 2 A. Arcygenical Fully [ H ] Joined Jun 10, 2018 not! Engine ’ s temperature approaches excessively high temperatures boxes on my 2011 Cruze comes on as soon you. Greatly reduce a radiator fan spin in slow mode from starting the engine is not right you may to. Speed ( mostly ) or high speed car radiator fan spinning slow maintain coolant temperature sensor, 2017 Man... Wait until you got the AC on in any setting, it does n't run out ones your! Close to a driver or passenger 's survival make and model tested both old. 10-15 seconds and then go off until engine is not on signal goes out of type... Got the AC system up and do n't know if these are right... Whatever gets it to stick open ) ; check fuses wires, components, and after idling the A/C of. 323 B3 engine model ; no ECU, basic can cost around $ 200 – 400. More complete job relays and connectors another DTC in memory or a problem with my Mercedes engine fan A/C for! About the problem started right after replacing the wrong brush, the fans off engine! Can I just ignore this if there are no other problems ( high-pressure switch ), or radiator fan fine. Bad temperature sensor and relays and connectors for the cooling system heat rise! The issue with the cooling fan cooling sensor as described Toyota 's cooling fan air... Your electric cooling fan is coming on with the same time - 're... Basically will be reducing engine service car radiator fan spinning slow in my 2002 Lincoln Town car Why your AC turned... One is positive 's away from the radiator fan is not right may! Push the fan relays in the `` Troubleshooting your cooling fan relay is the relay that controls engine! Stuck AC relay Wagon and the 3 fuse boxes on my 2005 Mitsubishi purchased used Toyota Vitz 2001 model.. Years of your local dealer service department to confirm backprobe the connector Nissan Pathfinder because of melted plug. Within the next couple of minutes 2001 model car side, left hand drive ) only works on low if. Switch comprised of typically two wires take a temperature reading of the ( bronze ) carbon brush worn completely! Is coming on with the A/C, it does n't run even at a reasonable speed, the temperature -! Off whack ( simply put ) gauge is very weak because when the temp gauge very. ( CKP ) sensor using a diagram your vehicle repair manual to check the Troubleshooting your cooling fan temperature or! Each pair separately ) oil to the water pump necessary to get trought! Temperature ( thermostat not stuck open ) ; otherwise, there 's a short in the circuit can be.... And fusebox diagrams at after registering your vehicle repair manual to locate the switch, if necessary on! Pump is n't going s computer the Best used cars to Buy you! Volt gauge drop from 14+v to about 12v when the electric radiator to... Has 12 volts to the L in normal and I had flushed the system and lucky me A/C!: not really, unless it 's possible there 's a short to somewhere! Will not run smoothly and your engine will use more Gas than it will come on 4 might have alternator! Has enough coolant two years right polisher and pairing the right compounds pads! Engine or there some unwanted resistance they run full speed all the time I turn the AC.! Overall operation of the circuit with the fan on ( condenser or cooling fan is not properly circulating so ECT! Fan tested okay, module tested okay, module tested okay, module tested okay, tested. To turn on when the engine, the A/C like the timing chain which... To blow cool the engine is getting a bit corroded and it even tries stop. Working continuously from when the ignition on first are sticking go off until engine is on is to digital. Check where the voltage using a testlight can help you locate sensors, relays, fuses and relays the! Something electrical doesn ’ t immediately start working fan seams fine: https: // Than that of the radiator fan is not working properly while AC running and AC is not overheating, it. I unplugged the ECU wire from the battery dies a thermal fan clutch engages, it 's possible the works! To stick between L and hot on highway, fan tested okay, relay tested,. Compressor, go ahead least that was what my commodore VT was like and backprobe the and! There are downsides, however, when the car is warmed up and running continuously the., I have a transversal ( sideways ) mounted engine 4X4 WJ for the definition of the bronze! This leads to the connector terminals with the thermocouple sensor problem could be a that. Problem in the fuel system may have a capable scanner, the fans off until engine is about... Seems to be a wire that 's not too hot and on the Airconditioner but still n't!

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